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    95 suspects of Illegal Drilling in Jambi Seized by Police

    28 April 2021, 00.34 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-27T17:35:22Z

    BERITA BARU ■ The Jambi Regional Police have now finished carrying out Illegal Drilling activities in 2021.

    Operation Illegal Drilling which was carried out for 20 days, the Jambi Police succeeded in carrying out premetive, preventive and law enforcement activities.

    "With regard to law enforcement, the Jambi Regional Police have recorded water pumps at the TKP of Illegal Drilling activities," said Director of Criminal Investigation of the Jambi Police, Kombes Pol Sigit Dany Setiyono, on Monday (26/04/2021).

    The activities carried out were the closure of wells with a total of 612 illegal oil wells and 119 back sellers, including several locations suspected of being used as shelters and warehouses.

    "From the results of law enforcement, we succeeded in securing 1 suspect at the well site, in the Batanghari area and at that time the suspect was also being found using Sabu-type Narcotics," he said.

    For other suspects, arrests were made in several locations, namely Jambi City, Muaro Jambi, Tebo and Batanghari.

    "At that time the suspect was carrying out transportation, namely by using a truck and tanker. There were 12 cases with 11 suspects," he explained.

    From the results of the operation, his party succeeded in securing evidence in the form of illegal oil totaling approximately 78,000 liters, which up to this moment has been accumulated in one year 2021 of approximately 300 thousand liters of oil with a total of 95 suspects and the number of cases in 2021 for Illegal Drilling as many as 79 suspects. 

    From several cases, his party revealed that there were 14 suspects who acted as financiers.

    In addition, he has neutralized Illegal Drilling activities with an area of ​​approximately 55 hectares and most of them are in mining working areas.

    "Yes, we are neutralizing it in Illegal Drilling activities of approximately 55 hectares," he said. (**)