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    Deficit Financial Condition, PKS Urges the Government to Cancel the Plan to Move the Capital

    18 April 2021, 13.34 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-18T06:34:28Z

    NEWS ■ The government is urged to cancel the plan to move the state capital (IKN) from DKI Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

    The urge was conveyed by a member of Commission XI DPR RI, Junaidi Auly, who saw that the government was aggressively preparing to start the construction of the presidential palace in the IKN area.

    This PKS politician reminded that the nation's economic conditions were difficult and was still struggling to face the pandemic. In addition, the government must also be aware that the quantity of debt is increasingly worrying.

    "The government does not need to force itself, it should just focus on improving health services and economic recovery," he said, on Sunday (18/4).

    This doctor of government science continued, the PKS faction from the beginning of the discourse of moving the IKN to revolt had rejected it because it was not too urgent. If the government says that the transfer of IKN is in the context of national economic recovery, it should be in other ways, such as economic equality in various regions.

    The construction of the new IKN is said to cost up to Rp. 466 trillion and about 20 percent of this cost or around Rp. 89 trillion is planned to be borne by the APBN.

    "The budget will certainly burden the state budget posture. The state's financial condition is currently experiencing a deficit. So we urge the government to cancel the IKN transfer plan," he said. (R-01)



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