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    Refly Harun: Democracy in Indonesia is Increasingly Worrying

    28 April 2021, 11.45 WIB Last Updated 2021-05-16T21:58:06Z

    BERITA BARU ■ Refly Harun as an expert on constitutional law also responded to Fadli Zon's statement regarding Munarman 's arrest as the former general secretary of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

    Fadli Zon stated that the accusations brought against Munarman lacked work.

    Refly said that people's representatives must have the courage to speak out about the behavior of power.

    "This time there is a statement from Fadli Zon, Fadli Zon, including a member of the DPR who dares to speak out loudly against the behavior of power, law enforcers because (indeed) he has to, whose name is people's representatives, even though he was also attacked," Refly said as quoted via Youtube Refly Harun.

    This legal expert also explained the current phenomenon if anyone had an issue with Munarman or Habib Rizieq Shihab, they would definitely be attacked by supporters of power.

    "So the current phenomenon is that anyone who makes an issue, say Munarman's arrest or the HRS trial, must be overwritten (attacked) by supporters of power or the palace," he said.

    Refly admitted that he also did not believe that Munarman was said to be a terrorist.

    "Like Fadli Zon, to be honest, from my heart I do not believe that Munarman is a terrorist, if we define terrorists in their true definition," explained this legal expert.

    According to Refly, Munarman was not a terrorist but was indeed critical of the government.

    "But if he is critical of the government, yes, that's why he (Munarman) later joined FPI and dared to say harsh words, because he has a legal background," he said.

    Do not let this country not be able to distinguish between people who are critical and those who have committed criminal acts.

    "So do not let this country no longer be able to distinguish between critical people and people who commit criminal acts," he added.

    This expert on constitutional law also admits that he is increasingly worried about the country's democracy.

    "Honestly, I am increasingly worried about the development of democracy in this country, especially when we know that our democracy index is not a good number," said Refly.

    Refly said this was not a matter of believing or not believing it but it was strange that Munarman was considered a terrorist.

    "Indeed, there is an appeal from PDIP politicians (who) say they must trust the police, (but) we are not about believing and not believing in this context, but about how the legal construction is so that a Munarman who roams everywhere defends HRS, and others suddenly. suddenly considered a terrorist, "he explained.

    Refly is confused because every day we are always presented with facts that are difficult to accept by logic.

    "We aspire to a country that is smart, but it seems that every day it presents us with facts that are very difficult to accept by logic," he said. (R-01)