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    Residents Find Dolphins Trapped in Fish Farms

    29 April 2021, 23.13 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-29T16:13:22Z

    NEW NEWS ■ A dolphin was found trapped in a fish pond owned by residents in Marana Hamlet, Marannu Village, Lau District, Maros Regency, on Thursday (29/04/2021).

    One resident who owns the fish pond, named Abdul Haris, explained that this marine mammal was originally discovered during a visit to his farm at around 07.00 WITA.

    At that time he saw a dolphin with a length of about 2 meters swimming in the pond.

    "I was also surprised to see a large fish swimming in the pond. Out of curiosity we finally approached it and it turned out to be a dolphin," he said.

    He explained, if the presence of dolphins is in his pond, it is suspected that this happened when the tide was high. At that time, these marine mammals were estimated to pass through the river that connects the estuary with a pond area of ​​about 5 kilometers.

    When the water is receding, these dolphins are then trapped in fish ponds until now. This marine mammal also has a number of lacerations to its body parts which are thought to have occurred as a result of the impact of mangrove roots.

    "We estimate he was stranded here because he jumped over the pond barrier at high tide. Automatically he jumps to enter here, because the water channel in this pond is relatively small," he explained.

    Meanwhile, the Maros District Fire Rescue Team, Muhammad Ikhwan, when confirmed, said the evacuation process was planned to be carried out tomorrow with a team from the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA).

    "We are waiting for the evacuation process plan, we will take it to the sea. At first we planned to release it to the estuary, but the BKSDA information is better to go directly to its habitat. It's just a boat problem, "he concluded.

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