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    Search for KRI Nanggala 402, President: Mobilize All Strengths

    23 April 2021, 11.11 WIB Last Updated 2021-04-23T04:11:36Z

    BERITA BARU ■ President Joko Widodo has ordered the TNI Commander, Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy, the National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas), and a number of other related agencies to mobilize all their strength in the search for the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine.

    "The safety of the 53 crew on board is a top priority," said Jokowi.

    "We are mobilizing all our strength and efforts to make optimal search and rescue efforts. The main priority is the safety of 53 crew members," said the President in his statement at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

    Currently, the TNI Commander, KSAL, and a number of other related elements are directly leading the search efforts in the field. KRI Nanggala 402 lost contact while holding an exercise in the waters north of Bali Island on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

    Regarding this, the Head of State emphasized that the government will continue to strive for the best in finding and rescuing all crew members in KRI Nanggala 402.

    "To the family of the crew members, I fully understand the feelings of all of you at this time. But, once again, the government has and will continue to do its best in finding and saving all the crew on the submarine," he said.

    Concluding the statement, President Joko Widodo also invited the whole community to pray that this search and rescue effort will be given ease and smoothness and that all the crew on the submarine can return safely.

    "I invite all people to pray that this search and rescue effort will be carried out, that it will be easier to find KRI Nanggala 402, and all of its crew will be safe," he said. (R-01)