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    Open During Ramadan, Naughty Night Entertainment Entrepreneurs

    01 Mei 2021, 07.23 WIB Last Updated 2021-05-01T00:23:40Z

    NEW NEWS ■ The governor of DKI Jakarta is asked to take firm action against the night entertainment actors who are still desperate to operate in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan.

    Chairman of the Rawamangun Poros Rudy Darmawanto said, the sanctity of the month of Ramadan 1442 Hijriah in Jakarta was tainted by the actions of a number of night entertainment entrepreneurs who were still determined to open their business until the dawn call to prayer.

    Rudy said, referring to the regulations of the Governor of DKI Jakarta's Decree 434/2021 concerning Amendments to the Governor's Decree 405/2021 concerning the Extension of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities, regulating the operational time of restaurants, restaurants and cafes until 22.30 WIB.

    In fact, explained Rudy, many still operate until dawn

    "They are indeed closed at 22.30 WIB, but at 00.00 WIB they open again until 4.00 WIB," said Rudy in Jakarta, Friday (30/4).

    Rudy said that business actors used a restaurant permit that is allowed to open until 04.00 WIB to meet the community's sahur needs.

    "In fact, they opened live music, bars, night clubs and massage parlors," said Rudy.

    Not only that, Rudy continued, to trick the officers, the entertainment manager provides parking space behind his business location or using a valet system.

    "So that the front of the bar looks like there is no activity. Even though it is in the frenzy," said Rudy.

    That's why Rudy encouraged the Governor of DKI Jakarta and the Kapolda Metro Jaya to drop firm action against them.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Mubaliq-Mubaliqoh Association, Syaful Anwar, suspects that the freedom for restaurants and bars to open their business is due to backing from security forces.

    A similar criticism was also conveyed by the Head of Muslim Nusantara Students M Joesriantao, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Youth Movement (GPI) Andy Iskandar, the Secretary General of the GM Citizens of Jaya Indonesia Nanang S, the Chairperson of GM Gakari Nuki Sena, and the Chair of AMPERA Riyadus Solihin.

    According to investigations by six NGOs, there were a number of bars and restaurants that were suspected of violating health protocols and PPKM Mikro, including HG, RR in Kebayoran Baru, R in the SCBD area, KM in Blok M area, and ZC in the Sunter area.

    "We hope that the restaurant and bar will soon carry out an open legal process," said Syaiful Anwar.