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    Terrorists In Papua Commit Transnational Organized Crime

    03 Mei 2021, 13.46 WIB Last Updated 2021-05-16T21:59:27Z

    NEW NEWS ■ In terms of a transnational crime there are four categories. Prepared and planned in another country to be carried out in another country, carried out in a country but the impact is felt by other countries, and there is cooperation between perpetrators in one country and the same perpetrators of crimes in other countries.

    This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly Bambang Soesatyo in Jakarta, on Sunday (2/5/2021) in response to the latest developments in Papua.

    Bamsoet emphasized that from the point of view of law enforcement based on the United Nation Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (UNCATOC), the cases that occurred in Papua were serious cases.

    Referring to UNCATOC, crimes committed by terrorists in Papua can be classified as Transnational Organized Crime (TOC).

    Bamsoet said, some evidence of terrorist crimes in Papua was included in the TOC, including the findings of two cases of the supply of firearms to Papua from Makassar and Maluku by armed group (KKB) activities.

    In addition, there was the smuggling of firearms from foreigners from the Philippines through Sangihe Talaud and Nabire to Papua, as well as the discovery of a case of smuggling of ammunition by a foreigner from Poland to Papua.

    “All the requirements to be considered part of a transnational organized crime case can be proven. Thus, efforts to solve problems in Papua by using the TNI to back up law and order enforcement in the face of domestic security disturbances from rebel and terrorist attacks through a security approach are legitimate and protected by law, "said Bamsoet.

    The chairman of the MPR (Bamsoet) also appreciated the quick and strategic steps of the TNI and Polri in eliminating the rebels and terrorists who deeply disturbed Papuans with various acts of violence, rape or murder.

    "This is important to do so that there can be restoration of general welfare and education for local Papuan children. TNI-Polri members can be assigned as teachers and rebuild damaged public facilities, "added Bamsoet.

    “Capturing the hearts and minds of the local Papuan people is the best way. It is like drying up the source of pond water to be able to catch fish, "concluded Bamsoet. (***)